A scam alert about a fake blog under a name Naira Matevosyan

I am Naira Matevosyan, MD, PhD, DSc. I am endlessly harassed and stalked by  two malicious psychopaths, Marina Noble (Watertown, MA) and Karine Martirosyan (Wetsborough, MA). They scam, hack passwords with trojan horse, bully, open email accounts under my name composing profane texts full of terrible jargon and send those emails to people in my network to ruin my  reputation. Some of those fake email I have tracked down is nairamatevosyan@yahoo.com. They contact my employers, attack my books, and place posts under my name (impersonation) in various social media domains. Most recently, they have opened a fake wordpress.com blog under my name,  using the same fake  email account  opened by them (nmatevosyan@yahoo.com). In that blog they have placed their dirty slanders. See: http://nairamatevosyanblog.wordpress.com/

Marina Noble (MPH)  and Karine Martirosyan (MPH) are not the type of persons I would wish to know or communicate with. I would never consider hiring them to shine my shoes or do my laundry…  They are low-class women and my lifetime ENEMIES . Being linked to them is a PUBLIC HUMILIATION for me. They are trolls, who haven’t achieved anything solid or serious, have no lives, and desperately want to ruin lives of others. The only joy they experience is  placing defamatory and cruel posts about me, masked under my name…

I have no wish, intention, passion, compassion, plan, dream, desire, or  TIME to blog  on wordpress or name sites as “terrorist that rip money, some $5,000”—  like they slandered me in their blog created under my name. I had no plans to open any wordpress.com blog, but now I have to, in order to submit an ERRATUM on the fake site these two have created under my name: http://nairamatevosyanblog.wordpress.com/

I used to know Karine Martirosyan (a HeadStart kindergarten health services coordinator), and Marina Noble (an “evergreen unemployed”  IT criminal) long time ago and very shortly. The only “memories”  linking us are  these: they have attempted for several times to ruin my personal and professional life by scamming with anonymous emails sent to my employers and my personal connections. Karine Martirosyan has even crossed her EVIL lines to the extent, that on the hit of her  malaise, she has composed a fake letter of negative reference on my address by using the name of my GWU mentor and imitating her signature, and have submitted  that letter to the Doctors of the World-USA, to breach my job contract in Kosovo. My former mentor from the GWU, Dr. Nancy Gaba (MD, FACOG), with whom I always keep wonderful and productive relationships, has officially confirmed that she has never issued any negative reference on my behalf. Karine Martirosyan has FLED from Kosovo to USA to avoid the lawsuit I initiated against her for her fraud, document falsification, actual malice, and tort. After all, they keep placing hundreds of posts about me based on their made-up stories –all the reflections of their low lives, their underground experiences, and contaminated souls.

Karine Martirosyan and Marina Noble are serial and multi-criminals (IT crimes, fraud, hate-crime,  document falsifications, scam, impersonation, signature imitations, stalling).  I never wished our paths would cross. But nothing helps, including my ignorance, rejections, unconcern, my police reports, summoning them for the court hearing, as they take the advantage of us being in different states. Karine Martirosyan and Marina Noble have ARREST WARRANTS.

Naira Matevosyan